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Software Architecture & Design Patterns

The factory design pattern is a creational pattern that favor the abstraction of the objects creation's process.
The creation of an object can be a complex process where many properties must be setted and other nested objects must be created.
To reduce the code duplication and the coupling between classes, is better to put the creation code in a unique place (the factory), where you can access to get the instance of the objects.
A "factory" therefore, is an object for creating other objects. More...

Microsoft's Unity Application Block (Unity for short) is an Inversion of Control framework wich is part of the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0.

Unity is a general-purpose container for use in any type of Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application. It provides all of the features commonly found in dependency injection mechanisms, including methods to register type mappings and object instances, resolve objects, manage object lifetimes, and inject dependent objects into the parameters of constructors and methods and as the value of properties of objects it resolves. More...